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The Foundation for Free Flight funds grants based on availability of funds as well as the merits of each project. Because conservation is a never ending effort, the Foundation must balance current needs with long term sustainability.

After the close of each fiscal year, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees budgets the amount of money that will be available for funding incoming grants during the ensuing year. Each grant application received is first evaluated for compatibility with the Foundation’s core purpose and qualifying grants, are then weighed against one another and the amount of money in the budget remaining available to spend.

3 Simple Steps to Getting a Grant:

Step 1. Download and read the Grant Application Guidelines which has complete information on applying for a grant. (Word doc)

Step 2. Contact the Foundation’s Grants Committee. A Foundation volunteer will answer your questions and help guide you through the grant application process.

Step 3. Submit the application.

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Generally speaking, in order for a project to be compatible with the Foundation’s core purpose:

A project should preserve a flying site, enhance free flying opportunities in some way, advance the cause of improved safety or education of the free flying public, or foster community-building events such as competitions.

Also, as a public charity, the Foundation is legally and ethically prohibited from directly funding commercial entities or private ventures. Therefore, the Foundation typically works with a local non-profit or pilot group such as a local USHPA chapter. More information is available in the Grant Application Guidelines. If you have any questions as to whether your project qualifies as compatible with the Foundation’s mission, please contact any of the Foundation board members.

Typically, there are a wide range of considerations when the Foundation compares the merits of qualifying grants. Some common factors include: the number of pilots affected, whether a project is “bi-wingual” in benefit, the total dollar amount of the grant (smaller grants don’t crowd out other viable projects), as well as simple bang for the buck. Also, in order to ensure there is a local commitment to each project, the Foundation gives strong preference to applicants who have raised locally at least 50% of the total funds required. In the end, the Foundation wants what you want, and we do our best to get the most out of the donations we receive. These donations are limited, and so at times the Foundation is unable to fully fund every deserving project.

Emergency funding needs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, but the Foundation for Free Flight has two primary funding cycles. Submitting your application early is the best way to maximize your grant’s chances of being funded.

Application Deadline
Spring - February 15
Fall - September 15

Approx. Review Date Spring
Spring - March 15
Fall - October 15

Approx. Funding Release Date
Spring - April 15
Fall - November 15



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